Signs of Water Damage in Dover, NH

Water and moisture exposure can cause significant damage to your home if they go unnoticed for too long. This is especially true when water and moisture settle in your basement or crawl space. Knowing how to look for signs of water damage on your Dover, NH property will help you address this problem sooner.

Peeling or Soft Walls

If you have a finished basement in Dover, NH, watch for peeling walls. As moisture seeps through the cracks or crevices in the walls, drywall and paint can absorb the water. This will cause drywall surfaces to become bloated and soft. Moisture can also cause bubbling to appear in paint or lead to peeling paint in exposed areas.

peeling walls

Musty Odors

Pay special attention to a strong, musty odor in your basement or crawl space. This odor could suggest that there’s mold present. Even if you don’t see any signs of mold, it could be spreading behind the walls or in other unseen areas.

pinching nose because of smell

Pooling Water

If you find flooding in your basement, you should look into waterproofing this part of your home. A leak that allows pooling water in your Dover, NH basement can harm your home’s foundation or frame. Eliminate the source of the leak to prevent serious water damage.

water in basement

Damp Walls and Excessive Condensation

In an unfinished basement, you might find that the cinder blocks are damp or have a white residue on them. The white residue, or efflorescence, should encourage you to feel along the walls for more moisture. Windows that are near pipes or vents may also have condensation. Waterproofing can correct the problem before water damage occurs.

wet basement cinder block walls

We Can Protect You from Water Damage

If you see any signs of water damage in your Dover basement or crawl space, consider waterproofing services from NH Dry Basements. We’ll assess your basement or crawl space and offer solutions to help you prevent water damage. Contact us today!