Crawl Space Waterproofing in Dover, NH

Many homes in the country sit above a crawl space. These spaces often provide a shielded area for an HVAC system, serve as an added layer of protection for homes built near a flood-prone region, and often provide an extra storage area for rarely used items. But due to the location of the crawl space and the prevalent New Hampshire weather, excess water and moisture can transform this space into a dark, dank haven for rodents, insects, and other unwanted pests.

If you notice excessive humidity or even standing water in the crawl space of your home, or you suspect bug or pest activity, the experts with NH Dry Basement know a surefire way to safeguard your crawl space against all that water, pesky invaders, and mold growth. Our crawl space waterproofing services in Dover, NH, can keep your crawl space safe and dry, and even increase the value of your property.

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Effective Crawl Space Defense

Crawl space encapsulation, which is essentially wrapping or sealing the crawl space, effectively keeps away unwanted moisture from the foundation of your home. Many homes have their HVAC equipment positioned in the crawl space. And if your home in Dover is one of these, you probably have ventilation issues there. Originally, these vents were intended to boost airflow, mitigating the growth of mold. However, the vents inadvertently let in more moisture, which leads to challenges like water condensation forming on the cooling ducts. Such conditions not only decrease the energy efficiency of your HVAC unit, they also create a moist environment, which attracts insects, allows for mold growth, and can create poor indoor air quality.

The solution to excessive moisture and all the issues that come with it is crawl space encapsulation. The Dover, NH, crawl space waterproofing experts at NH Dry Basement begin by discarding any old and worn-out plastic sheets on the ground, then carefully remove and dispose of old insulation. Our skilled team then installs vapor barriers, wall curtains, and ground liners, and ensures every crawl space vent is securely sealed from the inside. For added protection, we can even install a top-tier, energy-efficient crawl space dehumidifier. 

Making your crawl space airtight and enhancing the circulation quality for your HVAC system ensures your home remains less vulnerable to pests, adds value, and increases the performance and efficiency of your HVAC unit. It can also prevent water damage, which can be detrimental to the structural integrity of your home near Dover. Contact our knowledgeable basement ventilation specialists at NH Basements to discover the many ways our services can safeguard your crawl space.

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Trusted Service by NH Dry Basement

For over 20 years, NH Dry Basement has been a trusted company for crawl space repairs and waterproofing solutions in the Dover, NH, community. We've assisted countless homeowners with ensuring their foundations, basements, and crawl spaces are waterproof and secure. When you choose our crawl space encapsulation services in Dover, NH, expect a transparent and no-nonsense approach. Our team will evaluate the condition of your crawl space and recommend a sensible, cost-effective solution for your property. Our commitment is to quality, clarity, and a dedication to protecting your home. Connect with NH Dry Basement today to request your free inspection!