Crawl Space Encapsulation Services in Dover, NH

You can’t underestimate the significance of a properly maintained crawl space for the stability and safe condition of your home. With our fluctuating and sometimes extreme local climate, the varying temperatures and humidity levels, ensuring the dryness of your crawl space is vital. NH Dry Basement provides crawl space encapsulation services in Dover, NH, engineered to protect your home from issues like wood rot, the spread of mold, and structural compromises, and to keep rodents and insects at bay. Crawl space encapsulation plays a crucial role in maintaining the condition and structural integrity of your home, keeping it safe and sound for you and your family.

Signs You Need Crawl Space Encapsulation

When you take a look beneath your house, some of the telltale signs you have some water issues include:

  • Excessive moisture or standing water beneath your home
  • Fungal growth and mold on the floor joists, supports, or on the subfloor
  • Sagging floors from water-saturated floor joists and supports
  • Rodent and bug infestation, usually rats and termites

What Crawl Space Encapsulation Entails

Crawl space encapsulation for your Dover home involves vapor barrier installation, which seals the crawl space walls and floor with sheets of heavy-duty plastic, a process that is crucial for mitigating water intrusion in the crawl space. By installing durable vapor barriers in your Dover home, we ensure the protection of wooden floor joists and supports, which significantly reduces the likelihood of wood decay. Our services address the specific challenges faced by homeowners in New Hampshire, ensuring that issues like fungal growth, compromised structural stability, weakened floors and joists, and the risk of pest infestations become a thing of the past.

encapsulated crawl space

Other Crawl Space Waterproofing Solutions We Offer in Dover

Depending on the severity of the water problems beneath your home, we might recommend additional solutions to ensure the effectiveness of our crawl space waterproofing services. As a supporting measure, we can install gutters and a drainage system beneath the vapor barriers to channel water away from the crawl space. We can follow this step with the placement of a sump pump, an integral part of our waterproofing services, which efficiently removes and diverts any water that accumulates under the vapor barrier away from your property. Also, we can incorporate dehumidifiers that regulate moisture levels to promote a drier, more comfortable indoor environment and to further protect the condition of your subfloor.

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