Drainage Systems for Dover, NH Basements

Your basement should have a drainage system in place to direct water outside in case of flooding. Proper drainage will help you prevent water damage and mold growth before moisture affects your foundation.

If you don’t have a basement drainage system for your Dover home, NH Dry Basement can install a system for you. The following overview will help you learn more about this type of water removal system.

What Is a French Drain?

A French drain is also commonly referred to as an interior perimeter drain. It’s a system of drain pipes installed along the inside of your basement walls. When installing a French drain in your Dover property, NH Dry Basement uses 4-inch drain pipes to allow for maximum water flow. The water gets deposited into a collection pit, where a sump pump pushes it out to the exterior surface.

Decide Whether You Want a Vapor Barrier

While a vapor barrier isn’t typically included with a standard drainage system installation, you can always add this feature as an option. A vapor barrier for your Dover, NH basement or crawlspace can provide an additional layer of protection against moisture exposure, so it may be beneficial if you live in a humid climate.

You shouldn’t need a vapor barrier if you install a dehumidifier in your basement. The dehumidifier will help you draw moisture out of the air to guard against further damage. It’s also effective for limiting the risks of mold growth.

You Still Need a Sump Pump

Every drainage system needs a sump pump since this is the only way to efficiently remove water from the collection pit. The sump pump uses electricity to function, so adding a backup battery can be beneficial. The battery will ensure the sump pump operates during a storm when you might suffer a power outage.

water in basement and new encapsulation and sump pump

Our Basement Drainage System  Keeps Your Dover, NH Basement Dry and Safe

Whether you need a perimeter drain system installed or a new sump pump, NH Dry Basement can help. We’ll talk to you about the waterproofing services we offer to help you protect your home. Call us today to request a free estimate!