Sump Pump Battery Backups in Dover, NH

If your basement uses a sump pump, you have an effective method for delivering water out of your basement. Under normal circumstances, your home’s electrical system provides the energy your sump pump needs to operate. However, there may be situations in which that energy supply is insufficient.

In those cases, you can install a sump pump backup battery for your Dover, NH basement or crawlspace to give you the power you need. The basement waterproofing experts at NH Dry Basement can install a 2100DC battery backup system to give you that extra source of energy when you need to rely on your sump pump.

Don’t Let a Power Outage Leave You Underwater

The most common reason to install a sump pump backup battery on your Dover, NH property is to ensure you’re protected during a power outage.

Heavy storms are a common cause of power outages and can leave entire neighborhoods without power if a tree falls onto the power lines. These storms are also precisely when you may rely on your sump pump the most to keep the heavy rainfall from damaging your basement.

If a storm knocks out your power, you’ll want to ensure your sump pump continues to operate. Having a battery backup ready as part of the basement flood prevention system in your Dover, NH home will provide you peace of mind.

Protect Your Finished Basement

If you have a finished basement or use this part of your home for storage, a small amount of flooding could be catastrophic.

You can protect everything from drywall and flooring to your family’s storage with a battery backup system for your sump pump. The backup will give you that extra insurance you need to know your basement will stay dry and safe.

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We’ll Install Your Battery Backup Today!

If you’re ready to install a sump pump backup battery in your Dover home, our NH Dry Basement team  is ready to help. To request an installation estimate, contact us today!