At New Hampshire Dry Basement Co., we take great pride in transforming your wet basement into a dry basement.

IT’S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3!

A wet basement only needs 3 things to make it dry:
1. A drainage channeling system around the interior perimeter of the basement, is one.
2. A reliable and dependable sump and pump system to discharge the water from the basement, is two.
3. And then, installing THE AIR VENTILATION SYSTEM, is three.
This air system completes the components necessary for a dry basement.
It passively replenishes any remaining moist, musty air with fresh dry air.

Sump Pump

Water Alarm

This is an Awesome System, And, it’s GUARANTEED!

Installed on the footing, under the floor slab, at the base of the wall, on the interior of your basement,
the Drainage Channeling System captures the water under your basement floor and then leads the water to a sump and pump, before, the water level rises high enough to ever reach your floor level, keeping water out of your basement.

  • The water makes its way to a sump with a pump, in the corner of your basement,
    and then the pump quietly discharges that water to the outside of your house.
  • To complete the system, check out our very affordable Air Ventilation Unit.
  • In only a couple of days, your basement will dry, healthy, and usable. Call us right now to get a quote.

Why call us? Because we can afford to give you the same high quality systems as the big companies, for less!

You’ll wished you had done this a long time ago!