Our Sump Pump Systems

Even with careful drainage around your home, intense New England storms can threaten your basement with flooding. That's where a reliable sump pump system becomes essential! Excess water poses a serious risk to the structural integrity of the foundation of your home, and will damage or destroy your belongings. As your local sump pump installation experts in Dover, NH, the team with NH Dry Basement will assess your property and will recommend the best solution to keep your basement dry, giving you the security you need during heavy downpours and snowmelts.

NH Dry Basement: Dover's Sump Pump Installation Experts

When it comes to protecting your Dover home from basement flooding, trust the proven professionals at NH Dry Basement. We specialize in expert installations of top-quality sump pumps, combination sump pumps, and reliable submersible and battery backup pumps in Dover. Our commitment to superior workmanship and customer satisfaction ensures a seamless experience and a dry basement you can count on.

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Pro Series Pumps: Power and Durability for Your Dover Home

NH Dry Basement is well aware that protecting your home from water damage requires top-of-the-line equipment. We install sump pump systems in Dover that offer a 5-year warranty, which is why we install exceptional Pro Series sump pumps. Designed for maximum performance, these pumps are built with cast-iron and stainless-steel components, ensuring lasting protection. From the energy-efficient S3 Series, ideal for everyday drainage, to the heavy-duty S2 Series, perfect for demanding conditions, Pro Series offers a range of horsepower options (? HP, ½ HP, and 1 HP) to suit the unique needs of your basement.

Diverse Pro Series Options for Optimal Protection

Every house is unique, with its own specific requirements and original construction materials. The versatile Pro Series lineup offers a solution for every situation. For standard basements, the S/ST Series combines reliable cast-iron construction with energy-efficient motors. When you need something more compact, the SR Series offers a streamlined design with a durable aluminum and nylon build. Regardless of the configuration, all Pro Series sump pumps installed by our Dover experts emphasize performance and value, giving you confidence that your home is well protected.

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Double the Protection: Combination Pumps and Battery Backup Systems

For maximum peace of mind, NH Dry Basement offers advanced sump pump installation tailored to your Dover home. Our combination pumps provide dual capabilities, and primary and secondary pumping power, ensuring uninterrupted protection even during power outages. Our battery backup pumps for your Dover home kick in seamlessly if your primary pump fails or if the power goes out, saving your basement from unexpected flooding. We also offer submersible sump pumps in Dover for ultimate efficiency and convenience.

Ensure Your Home Stays Dry

Don't wait for the next storm to threaten your basement. Contact NH Dry Basement in Dover for sump pump installation today and invest in a powerful and reliable sump pump system for your home. Request your free inspection and estimate today and enjoy years of comfort and security that come with a dry, protected home.