Why You Need Basement Encapsulation Services For Your Dover Home

The basement of your home is underground, surrounded by expansive soil that absorbs water during wet months. The water in that soil exerts incredible hydrostatic pressure against your basement walls. If the gutter and downspout system of your roof does not effectively collect snowmelt and heavy rain from your roof and divert that water from your home’s foundation, excess water will pool around it. This will saturate the ground that surrounds your property. The walls of your basement are made of concrete, or perhaps stone masonry; either material is porous and over time will allow the external water to seep into your basement, or leak through cracks that form as the external water pressure bows and bends the walls.

Basement Waterproofing in Dover

It’s nearly impossible to keep water from getting into your home, but the experts at NH Dry Basement have several solutions for basement waterproofing in your Dover home. Basement encapsulation is the method we prefer for mitigating the water problems on your property. The whole process is essentially large sheets of 16 mil woven plastic that we affix to the walls. We prefer this interior solution over an external repair because encapsulation is less costly and allows easier access for regular maintenance and better protection if you decide to finish the basement.

Our Waterproofing Process

Realistically, the plastic sheets do not stop water from invading your basement. They do, however, allow easy control of the intrusive water. Any effective basement waterproofing solution in Dover requires a drainage system that channels water beneath the subfloor toward a pit and a sump pump, where the water is collected and discharged out of the basement to be diverted toward the street.

mold on wall panels

Waterproofing Reinforcement

In terms of basement waterproofing we believe more is better, particularly when you consider the investment you made and the equity you have in your Dover home. The basement encapsulation system is primarily intended to manage water intruding from outside your home. To support the encapsulation system and the sump pump, we’re proponents of adding a basement dehumidifier, which mitigates the excessive humidity and moisture inside the home. We’re also proponents of external drainage systems around your foundation, which can be designed to add enhanced aesthetic appeal to your property.

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For basement encapsulation to be effective and to provide protection for your home year after year, the basement waterproofing system for your Dover home must be correctly installed, with meticulous attention to detail and a knowledge of how water moves. That’s why you want the dedicated team at NH Dry Basement to prevent water damage to your Dover home.  With more than two decades of success notched into our belts, we’ve got the knowledge and the skill to ensure your home stays dry and comfortable for a long time. Reach out to us and schedule your free consultation for basement encapsulation services for your Dover home.